A Backpack and a Camera
Unique Perspectives
of Palo Duro Canyon
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Photos of Palo Duro Canyon State Park

Come inside to see photos of hidden and remote locations of Palo Duro Canyon where few ever tread. As thousands of visitors each year hike or ride the established trails, most of Palo Duro Canyon remains quiet and unvisited. The challenging terrain ensures that many amazing places are rarely or never seen. Hidden from view are unique and wondrous places lying deep within the many side-canyons or atop and behind the largest mesas. Hoodoos large and small are everywhere. High precipices offer expansive views of broad canyons framed by rugged cliffs.
The high quality pictures of Palo Duro Canyon State Park displayed on this site reveal the park as never before. Wide, sweeping panoramic images showcase the rough and rugged beauty of this magnificent place with incredible detail and rich color. Even widely known Palo Duro Canyon landmarks are revealed as new places when seen from the Unique Perspectives showcased within. So let your adventure begin here, but then grab your Backpack and a Camera for an adventure of your own in Palo Duro Canyon State Park.
The Photographer
What do you get when you combine an amateur photographer, an interest in geology, and stir in a heavy dose of adventurism? You end up with a man who spends way too much time climbing rocks. Luckily, he brings along a camera.
Tom Sharp is an engineer and avid naturalist. A Texas panhandle resident for twenty years, he has snapped pictures by the thousands. Tom is pleased to have a chance to share these images with others who, like himself, have a deep appreciation and respect for the amazing wonder of the natural world that is Palo Duro Canyon.

This week's Featured Titles:
The view north to south from Red Mesa · The view north to south from Timber Mesa ·

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